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The Foundation for Filipino Artists, Inc. (FFAI), is a non-profit organization under IRS 501 (c) (3). Its mission is to help artists to promote and develop human awareness, cultivate the utmost potential of people to be able to take on leadership roles in training and human development towards global responsibility for the betterment of the global community and that in New York.


Its goals are as follows:

  1. To promote Filipino artistry and creativity;
  2. To foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine artistic and musical heritage in the community;
  3. To promote cultural interaction among various ethnic groups in the community; and
  4. To be able to build a Multi-ethnic Community Center by requesting ONE MILLION PEOPLE TO DONATE ONE DOLLAR to be able to have our center.


Since 1988 the FFAI has been a proactive partner in the development and enhancement of Northern Queens Community in various ways. It is the only Filipino art organization in area that focuses primarily in the field of performance and promotion of Filipino culture among various ethnic and American communities. The yearly projects of the Foundation are four pronged:

  1. Special Projects
    • Staging of Noli Me Tángere (Touch Me Not) by José Rizal
    • 25th Anniversary Dinner and Dance Gala
    • Mercedes-Benz raffle
  2. The Rondalla
    A string ensemble that is an acculturation of Philippine indigenous forms, Spanish symphony and operatic arias, the rondalla has figured prominently in rural Filipino community life. This ensemble consists basically of plectrum instruments: banduria, laud, octavina, guitar and bass. In 1993, the Foundation formed its New York Rondalla and has since been performing locally and in Europe.
  3. The Summer Workshop for Children and Youth
    This workshop was borne out of FFAI’s concern for youth in the community. Begun in 1998, the workshop proactively organizes comprehensive programs on arts, music, dance, educational tours and sports. These activities lay a strong foundation for programs that help young people develop socially, academically and emotionally in a supportive environment using the facilities of the Corpus Christi meeting rooms.
  4. The Children's Dance Group
    Conscious of the appeal and significance of dance to children as a blend of human kinetics, sports and art, as well as its importance in the cognitive, physical and emotional development of youth, the FFAI formed the Children's Dance Group. Dances and songs learned during the summer are performed at concerts and events throughout the year.
  5. The Children's Bell and Bamboo Flute Choirs
    These groups were launched in 2004 and 2005 respectively, in order to bring ethnic music and indigenous instruments to public awareness and appreciation, and as entertainment in different schools and centers of learning in the community including senior citizens.


Since the founding of the Foundation, 34-67 60th Street, Woodside, NY, was the Office, the practice place, summer work shop, meetings, parties, and housing transient artists. Not until 1995 the Foundation was able to secure a room at Corpus Christi Compound at 61st Street, Woodside, NY. At this place, the FFAI held all the activities in the compound, and in 2009 the Foundation was offered the use of three rooms in parish center up to the present. Currently the Foundation holds the activities at 39-38 58th Street in Woodside, NY.


Below are legal documents of the Foundation for Filipino Artists, Inc., as a 501 (C) incorporation in New York. Also, the FFA is tax-exempt, ST-119 Certificate Number EX 234689.


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